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To my beloved children i have been malicously romoved from your lives

i love you and miss you please contact me your mother put me in jail 

and your ants husband the police officer has wirh his police friends 

beat sprayed mace in my eyes stood on my neck and many other

terrible things i have had to endure trying to see you

this is a common thing for men when devorced  your grandfather

died in the hospital requesting to see you and your mother refused

my mother took my father from me too and told me bad things about him

please don't wait to contact me as soon as possible

don't believe the lies

i love and miss you every moment

even if i die i will always love you and will live in your hearts

You're One And Only Father

Here is a true story 

there is a bird that will lay its egg in another birds nest when the bird is away then upon return it assumes the egg as its own

this egg is much bigger and when it hatches will push the other 

birds out to the ground eventually the mother ends up feeding it till it matures not knowing it killed her children  In a way 

this is what happened to my father and your father 

they will not tell you to ever call your father and will tell you he is a 

no good and teach you to hate him please watch these videos

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